UP students participated in an event on financial inclusion
November 17 , 2017
It was held at Reebot Space located in the district of San Luis on November 11 and 12.​​

In order to encourage innovation in young people, the Consortium of Universities, of which Universidad del Pacífico (UP) is a member, held the 'Innovation Weekend' with the support of Visa, on Saturday, November 11 and Sunday, November 12. 

The activity aimed for students from different programs at UP and other universities to develop solutions for financial inclusion. They used their imagination to design innovative proposals in a 48-hour workshop using new methodologies such as 'Design Thinking', which serves to create high-impact products or services. 

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​How to make people trust banks and how to reduce the use of cash in day-to-day purchases are the challenges posed to university students. At the end of the 'Innovation Weekend ' about 60 young people will have the tools to develop creative skills that will help them to interact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. "We know that the country's growth is in the hands of multidisciplinary teams of leaders. 

Therefore, the Consortium composed of students from different universities and programs comes together to provide solutions to real problems of the national economy", said Martin Carrillo, director of the Consortium. Only 2 teams were the winners after the evaluation of a strict jury. It is worth mentioning that all the students received a certificate of attendance. 


The winners: 

Group 3 - MEMES 
• Alexandra Castro - UL- International Business 
• Álex Guerrero - UP - Management 
• Juan Alonso León - UPCH - Human Medicine 
• Joaquín Silva - UL - Industrial Engineering 

• Junior Hugo Gutiérrez - UL - Administration 
• Gaby Mayon - UPCH - Health Administration 
• Vanessa Quiñones - UL - International Business • Kennedy Luigui Quispilaya - UPCH - Psychology

Nancy Portugal Prado




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