UP Book Fair exceeded expectations in its first edition
September 11 , 2023

​After four days, the first Universidad del Pacífico (UP) Book Fair came to an end, with very good results for students, professors, alumni and administrative staff of our university. 

After four days, the first Universidad del Pacífico (UP) Book Fair came to an end, with very good results for students, professors, alumni and administrative staff of our university.

Between August 23 and 26, the UP had the privilege of receiving more than ten publishing houses, which offered their best books with significant discounts of up to 30%. In addition, during the fair, there were six presentations that addressed research topics in areas such as economics, history, business management, political analysis and personal branding.

Book signing by Jaime Lértora

"We organized a series of very interesting activities, such as book presentations, some musical activities to spread the art of our student organizations, and raffles, among others. These days, the Placita Geis became a meeting point where people could review different books, comment on them and share a cultural and pleasant moment," said Arlette Beltrán, Vice President for Research at Universidad del Pacífico.

Arlette Beltrán, Vice President for Research at Universidad del Pacífico

Literature and culture

The Book Fair witnessed the presentation of works of great relevance, addressing economic and political issues, such as ""Experiencias y lecciones aprendidas en la lucha contra la COVID-19" ("Experiences and lessons learned in the fight against COVID-19"), co-edited by María Ángela Prialé, Omar Manky and Pablo Lavado; as well as "¿Cuándo se jodió el Congreso?" ("When did Congress get screwed?") by Martín Hidalgo and commented by Gino Costa. Studies on human rights and history were also highlighted, such as "El régimen de la conservación y la defensa de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas" ("The regime of conservation and defense of the rights of indigenous peoples"), by Daniela Soberón, and "La Mujer peruana a través de los siglos. Desde Mama Ocllo hasta la Comisión de Cincuenta Señoras" ("The Peruvian Woman through the Centuries. From Mama Ocllo to the Fifty Ladies Commission"), which was presented by María Emma Mannarelli, Sofía Pachas and Alejandra Gonzáles. Furthermore, books related to business management were presented, such as "Cien preguntas y respuestas sobre empresas familiares" ("One hundred questions and answers about family businesses"), by Pablo Montalbetti, and "Construye tu marca personal" ("Build your personal brand"), by Jaime Lértora.

Book presentation: Experiencias y lecciones aprendidas en la lucha contra la COVID-19

Also, the student organizations showed their talent. The Salsa and Bachata, Contemporary Folkloric Dances, and Afro-Peruvian Dances clubs presented artistic performances in the emblematic Geis square.​

Salsa and Bachata Club

Participating editors

During the first edition of the fair, publishers such as Estación La Cultura, Gaceta Jurídica, Libun, Palestra Editores, Penguin Random House, Planeta, SBS, and V&D participated, as did the Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP), Fondo de Cultura Económica and the Universidad del Pacífico University Press. It is expected that in the future more publishing houses will join this UP initiative.

Universidad del Pacífico University Press Stand

"We are very pleased with this first edition of the UP Book Fair, I have seen people enjoy, buy, talk and share. We were all gathered in the Geis square: faculty, students, administrative staff, alumni and graduate students. It has really met all our expectations," concluded Professor Beltrán.



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