Scotiabank made an important donation to award an Universidad del Pacífico student a scholarship
December 20 , 2018

​Raúl Encalada Verastegui will get to know the Scotiabank Digital Factory in Canada

​Scotiabank made an important donation to student Raúl Encalada Verastegui, from Universidad del Pacífico School of Business, so that he can participate in the Scotiabank Scholarship prgram on Digital Innovation in Toronto, Canada. 

The ceremony was attended by Luis Torres, Senior Vice President & Head of Digital Banking at Scotiabank; Miguel Castillo Devoto, Director of Human Talent at Scotiabank; Elsa Del Castillo, President of Universidad del Pacífico; Martha Chávez, Dean of the School of Business; and Gaby Rodríguez Larraín, Head of Institutional Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility at Scotiabank. 


​Our president, Elsa Del Castillo, said that "we as a university appreciate counting on a company that supports education. Such opportunities did not exist before, and today we have companies that make our students have a global vision". 

This program will last five years and seeks to promote Digital Innovation by facilitating not only an international, but also formative experience at the Scotiabank Digital Factory.

According to Antonio Barranco, Vice President of Human Resources at Scotiabank, "the program seeks to develop talent in the digital era, expose talented students to our global innovation ecosystem and the use of emerging technologies to create a positive impact on the future we all want".

This year, Raúl Encalada, a student at Universidad del Pacífico, will take the courses he chooses in the Digital Factory to enhance his knowledge. After the exchange, the student will complete a pre-professional internship at Scotiabank in Lima.

"The program is fantastic. I was recently in Toronto with Camila and with Claudia (2018-II scholars), from Universidad del Pacífico, and they were super happy. They will come back at the end of the month, and by January they will join my team at Scotiabank", said Luis Torres Mariscal, Senior Vice President & Head of Digital Banking at Scotiabank.


In gratitude, Raúl Encalada Verastegui, the student who was awarded the scholarship, said: "I will assume the great commitment to learn, and apply all the knowledge I will acquire during the exchange to ensure that Scotiabank remains relevant by creating experiences that generate value for its clients".

Thus, Universidad del Pacífico continues with its objective of promoting the improvement of educational quality and the training of responsible leaders for the world.



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