About the Center

About the Center

Universidad del Pacífico Cultural Center is a space dedicated to the research and dissemination of artistic and cultural projects that encourage reflection on contemporary problems of the country and the world, in a fun and entertaining way. Thus, it collaborates with the mission of the university that proposes a model of society in dialog with reality. So as to achieve this, we have a modern theater with a seating capacity for 277 people, as well as a first class exhibition hall. Both are located in Pavillion H of Universidad del Pacífico (Jr. Sanchez Cerro 2121, Jesus Maria)

Since its opening at the end of 2012, Universidad del Pacífico Cultural Center has developed three lines of work:

  1. The dramatic arts such as theater, dance and music.
  2. The visual arts through temporary exhibitions.
  3. Training, which has as an aim to offer few, but "powerful", courses and seminars related to cultural activities, in order to improve the professionalism of the participants.

Remarks by the Director

One of the main challenges of developing culture in Peru is the lack of perspective in time for the maturation of projects. Through its Cultural Center, Universidad del Pacífico is committed to building a space that can talk to society and to its closest audiences without giving up the quality and depth of its speeches. In its four years, Universidad del Pacífico Cultural Center has gained a recognized space in the city and in the media, setting up projects that promote debates about topics of interest to all of us. This has been achieved, mainly, thanks to the talent and hard work of our collaborators, both internal and external, whose creativity and work have helped us get to the place where we are now within the cultural scene of Lima.​

​​Sergio Llusera Martinez ​​​​


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