Spot Kamasutra

​KAMASUTRA or everything you always wanted to know about Kamasutra and never dared to ask.

Spot of Peter Pan

​Peter Pan takes us to a world full of fairies, mermaids and pirates, a place where children refuse to grow up and where you can hear the ticking of a crocodile.

Spot Creoenunsolodios

​​Three intertwined stories, three identities, three ways of seeing the world. Tres mujeres en guerra (Three women in war.) Three women distant from each other by age, faith, culture, social status.

Spot de Aura

Aura is a very dreamy and creative girl who will do everything she can to save her imaginary world when she sees it is about to disappear.​

Spot El mago del País de las Maravillas (Spot The Wizard of Wonderland)

Diego falls asleep doing homework and in his dream, he mixes the characters of Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz, with whom she learns the value of friendship and teamwork. Performed by Andrea Moon, Franjo Antich and Macla Yamada, among others.​

Spot de Tita y Lola… Lola y Tita (Spot for Tita and Lola…Lola and Tita)

Dance show that captures and radiates the energy, the spirit, the dreams and the beauty women have in their twenties; but also the instability, uncertainty and fear that, at times, invade them. Dancers Tatiana and Francesca Ghiretti Vizcarra.​

Spot de ¿Quieres estar conmigo? (Spot for Do you want to be with me?)

Nine middle class young adults struggle to conquer their dreams in a context of economic instability and political violence. This topic leads to this sardonic comedy, set in Lima in the nineteen-seventies and eighties. Performed by Sergio Gjurinovic, Alexa Centurion and Diego Lopez, among others.​

Spot of Un caballo se lamenta (A horse moans)

Musical play inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s poems and songs, resuming the Baladas de Bienestar (Welfare Ballads) project from 1985, from the internationally recognized Yuyachkani group. ​

Spot de El Repertorio 2015: Migraciones (Spot for The 2015 Repertoire – Migration)

Plays directed by Miguel Rubio. They include Adiós Ayacucho (Good-bye Ayacucho), No me toquen ese vals (Do not play that waltz), Cartas de Chimbote (Letters from Chimbote), Los músicos ambulantes (The street musicians) and Un caballo se lamenta (A Horse Moans).​

Spot de Sótano 2 (Spot for Basement 2)

Metamorfosis (Metamorphosis), directed by Rodrigo Chavez. Based on Franz Kafka's texts that tell the story of Gregor Samsa and the transformation that will alter his life and his family's.​

Juanito y su bicicleta amarilla (Juanito and his yellow bicycle)

Based on the book-disc from Editorial Polifonía, Las pequeñas aventuras de Juanito y su bicicleta amarilla (The little adventures of Juanito and his yellow bicycle), the play tells the story of Juanito and his encounter with characters out of the ordinary following the rhythm of different musical genres such as ballads, rock and unperformed by Camila Zavala, Franco de Lorenz and Luigi Valdizan, among others.​

Spot de Stop Kiss

​After Callie and Sara meet, their friendship quickly turns into an unexpected attraction. Their first kiss provokes a violent attack that will change their lives in a way they have never imagined.

Spot of Casa Ajena (Stranger’s house)

Jane, a young man who migrates to Germany, is received, with suspicion, in his uncle’s old friend’s house. His presence disturbs the Risto family until a series of events lead to his unveiling a big secret from this past.​

Spot of Repertorio 2014 de Yuyachkani (Yuyachkani ‘s 2014 Repertoire)

Four plays directed by Miguel Rubio, director of the Yuyachkani group Confesiones (Confessions), individual presentation by Ana Correa; Antígona (Antigone), individual presentation by Teresa Ralli; Con-cierto olvido (With certain oblivion) and Los músicos ambulantes (The street musicians), collective creations of the group.​

Spot de Karamazov (Spot of Karamazov)

​When Fiódr, the father of the Karamazov brothers dies, one of the brothers is tried for his murder. The conflict is the beginning of a game of intrigue in which all the sons will be under suspicion.​

Spot de Gali Galápago (Spot of Gali Galápago)

Gali, a Galapagos tortoise, embarks on a journey to fulfill the three wishes of his mother Jicotea, who is sick due to beach contamination.  Gali represents the hope that struggles to save Mother Earth from ecological death, her Galapagos mother.​

Spot of El Mundo invisible (The invisible world)

​One day, The Girl gets up with the gift of seeing the invisible. On the way to school, she will come across amazing and funny characters. Each meeting will leave La Niña important lessons to overcome her own fears.

Spot of Un Dios Salvaje (A wild God)

​Two couples meet at the home of one of them to talk after their children had fought in the park. During the meeting, the disagreement leads to an argument that goes in crescendo.

Spot of Mimí y el monstruo de la noche (Mimi and the night monster)

​When Mimi discovers there is a monster under her bed, she looks for Dodo and Carlitos’ help to get rid of the monster and get back to sleep alone in her room.​

Spot of ¡A ver, un aplauso! (Let’s see…a round of applause!)

Set in Plaza San Martin, Lima, in the early eighties, on a Sunday, when Death comes to take clown Tripaloca, who tries to dissuade it from doing so. 

Spot of Después de la lluvia (After the rain)

Power games, half-truths and unaccepted desires unveil the obsessions and fears of the characters in a closed space, contradictorily open, of an office.

Spot of Miranda y Leo en un mundo fantástico (Miranda and Leo in a fantastic world)

​Miranda and Leo visit their grandfather in Cusco and meet a pishtaco, a qarqacha and a muki that have kidnapped their grandfather. During the fight, they will help these beings return to their world and rest in peace. ​​

Spot de Electra/Orestes

​Electra and her brother Orestes avenge their father Agamenon’s death, and restore order and justice.​



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