Sports teams

Sports practice and constant training are essential for the wellbeing of students during their college stage. Therefore, Universidad del Pacífico provides, through its sport teams, spaces in which to boost leadership and teamwork skills.​


The Universidad del Pacífico Athletics Team stands out in tests like long jump and sprinting. In 2014, it was the champion in the new categories of the National University Championship.​

Women's basketball

The Universidad del Pacífico Women's Basketball Team is conformed by more than twenty students and participates in the tournament organized by the Peruvian University Sports Federation (Federación Deportiva Universitaria del Perú - FEDUP).​

Men's basketball

The Universidad del Pacífico Men's Basketball Team competes in the Lima Basketball League and the FEDUP Championship. It is has twenty-five members.​


The Universidad del Pacífico Climbing Team has sixteen members and several wins in university competitions, in the wall and rock climbing modalities.​

Kung Fu

The Universidad del Pacífico Kung Fu Team competes at national and international levels. Some of its members have obtained gold medals in the combat and routine categories.​


The Universidad del Pacífico Swimming Team competes in the National University Swimming Championship. In its last date, it obtained the first and fourth place in the new and advanced categories, respectively.​

Table Tennis

The Universidad del Pacífico Table Tennis Team has sixteen members, among men and women, who participate in internal competitions and inter-university championships.​​

Women's Volleyball

The Universidad del Pacífico Women's Volleyball Team is formed by twelve students, who participate each year in the FEDUP Championship, the PUCP Cup and the UDEP Cup.​

Men's Futsal

The Universidad del Pacífico Men's Futsal Team is formed by twenty students, who participate each year in the FEDUP Championship and the Metropolitan Futsal Championship of the FPF.​