Professional skills

Competencias Laborales

They are the knowledge, skills and attitudes that the students of Universidad del Pacífico acquire during their entire college years and that they will show in their professional performance.​



Students from Universidad del Pacífico have leadership to guide and motivate human groups with an innovating vision, anticipating changes. This translates into the satisfaction and development of the person and the society.​
Responsabilidad social

Social responsibility

Aware of the impact their decisions and actions have on society and the environment, the students of Universidad del Pacífico actively and peacefully participate in the search for solutions to the problems in their surroundings.​
Pensamiento crítico

Critical Thinking

At Universidad del Pacífico, the students develop the ability to reflect and evaluate relevant information to explain or solve problems from an interdisciplinary point of view. Thus, they show they have an open mind to face change and different intercultural perspectives.​
Trabajo en equipo


By developing the ability to work in teams, the students of Universidad del Pacífico actively work in the process of achieving common goals, making a commitment and assuming a responsibility shared by the results.​
Comunicación efectiva

Effective communication

The students can effectively produce, transmit and listen to a message within the interaction processes with different speakers.​