The Innovation Lab of Universidad del Pacífico (iLabUP) is an initiative that started in 2014 as part of its strategic proposal and was launched at the beginning of 2015. The Innovation Lab was created to spread and promote innovation in the entire university community. We want to become the engine that drives high impact projects developed by visionary leaders looking to innovate in their day to day activities.

What we want to do: Strategic innovation. Innovation must be handled from a strategic point of view in a cross-disciplinary way, through the collaboration and inclusion of the entire university community.

About the laboratory: It is a place to collaborate, promote discussion, learn, experience, create and develop innovation skills and exchange ideas.

Our mission: To develop, spread and promote an innovating culture in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way with the university community. This objective will be achieved through the creation and facilitation of different activities and projects related to education, research, services and extension to generate interaction and articulation in Peru's innovation environment.

iLabUP Principles

  • Creativity: We want to do things in a different way, be creative, think outside of the box and discover new solutions.
  • Change: We want to lead the change that breaks structures to look for something better.
  • Continuous improvement: We want continuous improvement that changes the usual way of seeing and doing things.


Methodologies used

We use Design Thinking to develop creativity and innovation and Lean Startup to develop entrepreneurship. Both methodologies promote experimental learning based on the discovery of problems and solutions through research and deep empathy with the users. The work is based on the observation and interviews to users so as to obtain information and understand the problems and needs in the real world. Then solutions are looked for in order to test them until we find innovative solutions​. ​