Artistic groups

Universidad del Pacífico wants its students to keep developing their passion for music, dance and theater through its four artistic groups.

These artistic groups seek balance between the academic and social life of the students by making their participants work in teams, strengthening their leadership skills and getting identified with the Peruvian culture by putting it into practice.​



It is a space where students extend their knowledge, skills and taste for different music genres. The members of the group participate in festivals and cultural events in Peru, besides participating in social responsibility activities.​

Performing Arts

They provide the possibility of developing the communication ability and expression of the students. Their members carry out a theater season for the university community, besides participating in internal celebrations of the University.​
Danzas Afroperuanas

Afro-Peruvian Dances

The main objective of this artistic group is for students to know and interpret the Afro-Peruvian folklore and share it with the university community and other artistic-cultural spaces.  ​
Danzas folclóricas andinas y amazónicas

Andean and Amazon Folkoric Dances

It is a learning space in which the students share the same interests for the traditional Peruvian dances. Its members participate in the Meeting of Music and Dances of the University Consortium, among other events.​