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Professional Profile

Xavier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Universidad de Barcelona (Spain), an MBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona (Spain) and a PhD in Business Administration from Universidad Ramón Llull (Spain).
He specializes in strategic management, strategic analysis, and reflection and strategic decision processes. He worked as a professor at ESADE Business School for 27 years in undergraduate, master, and executive programs at various universities; as well as in some universities in Latin America. He has written several books and articles that introduce, develop or apply strategic thinking models (GIB [General, Integrative, and Basic] models and Strategic Core) or comments on studies or key issues on business decision-making.
He has an intense and extensive experience as a business consultant advising on management issues and strategic analysis, and participating in strategic reflection processes. He has extensive experience as a member of boards of directors. He has been a manager in the pharmaceutical industry and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona (Spain). He has worked as director of ESADE Latin America, director of the Department of Strategy and General Management and director of In-House and ESADE Institutional Consulting Programs.

Specialization Areas

Strategic management, strategic analysis, and reflection processes and strategic decision.