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Professional Profile

Professor of the School of Business Engineering at Universidad del Pacífico. He holds a PhD in Business Management from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos; a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in Systems Engineering, both from Universidad de Lima. He is an Industrial Engineer from Universidad de Lima.
He has completed a certification in Supply Chain Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
He has experience developing research projects related to the field of business such as business strategy, supply chain, operations, global business, agribusiness, and rural associativity.
He is Director of the Peruvian Association of Professionals in Logistics (APPROLOG). He is an international member of the System Dynamics Society (SD) and the Association of Supply Chain Professionals and Operations Management (APICS). He has been coordinator of special projects, corporate and international program development director, academic director of the Master’s programs in Business Administration (MBA), Global Business, Agribusiness, and Food and Supply Chain Management at Universidad del Pacífico.

Specialization Areas

Strategy, supply chain, associativity, process management, business models.