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Professional Profile

Vice President for Academic Affairs of Universidad del Pacífico. Full professor of the Department of Accounting at Universidad del Pacífico and member of the Research Center of this university. She has a Ph.D. in Accounting and Business Studies from Universidad Nacional de San Marcos, a Master’s in Administration and a Licenciatura (Professional license) in Accounting from Universidad del Pacífico. She has been Dean of the School of Business, Associate Dean of Accounting and Head of the Department of Accounting at Universidad del Pacífico.

Her experience is framed in the area of Financial Accounting and in matters related to accountability. On the other hand, she has been President of the Admissions Council and member of the Court of Honor, as well as Accountant and member of the Budget, Scholarships and Welfare commissions of Universidad del Pacífico.

Specialization Areas

Financial accounting, accountability and transparency of information, internal control.