Professor Profile


Professional Profile

Professor at Universidad del Pacífico Academic Department of Humanities and researcher at Universidad del Pacífico Research Center. Doctor in Religious Sciences and Master’s in Anthropology both from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) and Bachelor’s degree in Classic Philology from Università di Salerno (Italy).
Professor Corrente conducts research on several subjects regarding mythology, religion, and literature - especially creation myths and the imaginary Beyond - under comparative studies of the ancient Mediterranean world, and collaborates with renowned scholars of ancient religions and Assyriology. She has participated in projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education on ancient religion, whose results have been presented at international conferences and collective works. Currently, she is working to the publication of her doctoral thesis on the dying gods and is developing a research line on religion and economy, according to the new curriculum of Theology.
Professor Corrente has served as substitute professor in charge of courses such as Comparative Mythology and Greek Language and Literature at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). She currently teaches Theology at Universidad del Pacífico and is the coordinator of the course.

Specialization Areas

Mythology, comparative religion and literature from the ancient Mediterranean world, especially cultural traditions of Greece and Mesopotamia; religion and economy.