VIDEO: Renato Cisneros tells us why he decided to write "La distancia que nos separa" ("The distance that separates us")
November 24 , 2017

​The writer and journalist Renato Cisneros visited Universidad del Pacífico to give a lecture on «Literatura y familia: un testimonio personal» («Literature and family: a personal testimony») a talk where the author explains the creative procedure of his novels «La Distancia que nos Separa» («The Distance that Separates Us») and «Dejarás la Tierra» («You will leave the Earth»): the bibliographical research, the literary debts, the narrative decisions, the before and after of each publication.

The conference provides reflections on a variety of topics linked to each other: the literary vocation, the boundary between fiction and reality, the scope of the self-referential genre, personal privacy as a field that can be turned into work material, the political need (or not) of a "memory literature."



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