The dark side of arbitration: solutions

Date 6/21/2017

Hour 8:30 am

Place Juan Julio Wicht Auditorium, Sánchez Cerro 2121, Universidad del Pacífico

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Organized by School of Law, Bullard Falla Ezcurra +, Arbitrator Intelligence and Arbitration Center: Lima Chamber of Commerce.

In recent months, arbitration has been associated with acts of corruption in Latin America, both in terms of dispute settlement and undue acts within the process. This has led to legislative reforms in the design of the process, a deep discussion on the role of arbitrators facing allegations of corruption and a search for solutions for a more transparent arbitration market.

Taking into account these concerns, Bullard Falla Ezcurra + and Universidad del Pacífico have organized the event "The Dark Side of Arbitration: Solutions" (“El Lado Oscuro del Arbitraje: Soluciones”).

The event will feature the participation of renowned international and national experts who will provide different perspectives on the relationship between corruption and arbitration, discuss with each other and promote different solutions.

The key speakers at the event are Catherine Rogers and Christopher Drahozal, Directors of Arbitrator Intelligence, a collaborative network that promotes transparency and diversity through the exchange of information, such as awards, court decisions and, especially, opinions on arbitrators collected through surveys. In addition, Alfredo Bullard and Huáscar Ezcurra, of the Bullard Falla Ezcurra + law firm and Fernando Cantuarias, Dean of the School of Law at Universidad del Pacífico, will be the keynote speakers.

The event will also have renowned international experts such as Roberto Abusada, Jennifer Permesly (United States), Xavier Andrade (Ecuador), Juan Manuel Marchán (Ecuador), Humberto Sáenz (El Salvador), Roberto Abusada, Julio César Perez, María del Carmen Tovar, Cecilia O'Neill, among others.

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