CALL FOR FAPERS | New security challenges: Organized crime and urban conflict in the Americas

Date 5/15/2018

Hour 12:00 am

Place Universidad del Pacífico

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Organized by Facultad de Derecho

After the dictatorships and armed conflicts of the latter half of the 20th century, Latin American security has entered a new stage. Politically motivated armed groups are subsiding, while new criminal actors (drug cartels, transnational gangs, and criminal organizations) are flourishing from Mexico to Brazil. The protection of human rights in the fight against crime is adapting to this new reality. 

In Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and even in the United States, however, there is a worrisome tendency to militarize responses to international crime, sometimes even involving the use of legal tools more proper to armed conflict and international humanitarian law than to traditional police action and crime fighting. 

​This Seminar will explore the human rights challenges posed by this new security situation and seek to offer concrete steps and policy options for Latin American governments to pursue. In particular, the Seminar looks to gather lessons other regions may have learned from similar situations.​​

Prospective contributors are invited to submit their papers by Wednesday, March, 15th 2018 to​ 

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