Professor Profile


Professional Profile

Full-time professor at the Academic Department of Management. He is an economist from Universidad Católica Boliviana (Bolivia), has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Economics from Universidad de San Andrés (University of San Andrés) (Bolivia), and an MS and PhD in Econometrics from Université de Genève (Switzerland).
His research focuses on statistical modeling applied to labor economics, informal labor market in Latin America, and agribusiness. He belongs to the R4D network, sponsored by the Swiss National Fund, under which he conducts research on Trade Openness and its implications on informal employment. His teaching focuses on the application of quantitative methods to the business area. Apart from UP, his experience as a professor involves international training on applied microeconometric issues and mesoeconomic employment projection models. In addition, he is affiliated with PEP-Network, an international organization for which he provides mentoring on research projects in Southern countries under the ""Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment"" program.
Mr. Dávalos is also part of Finance Think’s advisory committee, a think-tank based in Macedonia.
He has collaborated with the World Bank, UNICEF, and the International Labor Organization providing training and elaborating synthetic labor indicators in addition to employment projections (Latin America, Africa, and Europe). In the financial area he has served as consultant to SGFC (Societé De Gestion Financière et Commerciale, Nyon-Switzerland) and financial risk analyst of international reserves at the Central Bank of Bolivia.

Specialization Areas

Statistical modeling, labor econometrics, operations research, informal labor market.