Professor Profile


Professional Profile

Full Professor in the Department of Economics and researcher at Universidad del Pacífico Research Center. Former vice-minister of Economy. He holds a Master of Arts in Economics from Georgetown University and a degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico.
He has conducted research and consulting services on topics related to taxation, finance, fiscal decentralization, environment, fiscal policy, tax policy, state reform, and investment promotion. He has combined this academic experience with public policy formulation in the various positions he has held in public administration. He also has consulting experience with private companies, international organizations, and governments of other countries on tax matters, fiscal policy, decentralization, community relations, and impact analysis of economic policy measures. He publishes opinion articles in Gestión newspaper and the America Economía magazine.
He has more than 20 years of experience in public policy and state reform. In the public sector he has held various positions of importance in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the National Council of Decentralization, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance. In the latter he worked as chief of the advisory board (September 2007 - January 2008) and Vice Minister of economy (January-December 2010). He has also been director of private institutions, member of the Board of the National Civil Service Authority (SERVIR) and member of the Board of the Economic and Social Research Consortium (CIES).

Specialization Areas

Fiscal policy, tax policy, fiscal decentralization, mining and conflict, state reform, public investment, competitiveness, analysis of foreign investment, and economic growth.