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The project seeks to fill the void in the study of Peruvian-American relations to analyze the role played by the US Congress key institution to its political system during one of the hottest periods in the history of bilateral relations: The Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces. For its leftist and nationalist character, the regime of Juan Velasco Alvarado adopted an anti-imperialist discourse that led to an interesting confrontation with the government of the United States. He expropriated several US corporations, including the International Petroleum Company (IPC), the most notorious case during that time. In this part of the story, researchers have paid little attention to diplomatic and international elements, especially to the interaction of the Peruvian military with the US government. In this regard, the project will contribute to the development of two lines of research: the analysis of Peruvian-US relations and the study of the role of the Congress in the development of the US foreign policy.

El Congreso de los Estados Unidos y el gobierno militar peruano, 1968-1975 (“The United States Congress and the Peruvian military government, 1968-1975”)
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