About the Center



In the national and international contexts, ethics, leadership, and government, business, university and social responsibility have gained more importance. It is not a matter to be promoted, but a real demand in the country.

The Center for Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility (CLERS) has the mission to contribute to the training of responsible leaders and the promotion of sustainable human development through the building, promotion and dissemination of an ethical and socially responsible culture.​


  • Promote ethical and responsible leadership within the Universidad del Pacífico community, working with its different target groups. ​
  • Assemble the efforts of universities in the country and Latin America to foment ethics, leadership and social responsibility.
  • Develop and disseminate contents and research that contribute to the understanding of ethics, leadership and social responsibility.
  • Collaborate with public institutions, enterprises and civil society organizations in order to promote ethics, leadership and social responsibility.

Action Fields

Education. Develop contents to strengthen the integration of ethics, leadership and social responsibility across the curriculum and extracurricular experiences.

Research. Develop and promote research and publications on ethics, leadership and social responsibility among professors from different academic departments.

Internal Management. Promote the ethical and responsible management of Universidad del Pacífico along with environmental protection.

Social outreach. Participate in the human and sustainable development of the community, as an acceptable representative in the solution of problems in the society.​

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