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The Center for Mining and Sustainability Studies (CEMS) is an area of research, education, dialog and reflection on the mining sector. Its efforts are aimed at the integration of the State, companies and communities through public policies and consensual business management.

The CEMS seeks to consolidate as a technical and independent model, at national and international level, for consulting (analysis of problems and proposed solutions) and training (training of competent professionals) aimed at enhancing the sustainable development of this economic activity.


Conduct scientific research that contributes to the management of mining and energy resources, based on the application of methods and techniques of quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as on a multidisciplinary approach.

Organize activities aimed at better management, planning and use of the resources derived from the mining industry. 

Action fields

  • Gather, process and analyze the experiences of managerial practices in public agencies, non-governmental organizations and business organizations with an emphasis on results and achievements.
  • Promote systems to monitor and assess the impact of social and environmental investment, and do conflict management and resolution.
  • ·Develop and update local and regional sociopolitical and environmental databanks, and conduct a follow-up to the indicators for management programs and public and private projects in the sector. 
  • Conduct a thorough study of the social impact of mining on communities and society.​
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