President of the Universidad del Pacífico meets with the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Peru to strengthen alliances
May 13 , 2021

T​he Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Peru, His Excellency JO Yungjoon, met with doctor Felipe Portocarrero, President of Universidad del Pacífico.

Ambassador JO Yungjoon highlighted the work done in relation to Korea by the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies at UP.  In recent years, Korea has become one of the countries of greatest attention for this center. In 2016, it organized the «Simposio Internacional sobre Relaciones Económicas de Asia-Pacífico con América Latina: Corea y los Países de la Alianza del Pacífico» ("International Symposium on Asia-Pacific Economic Relations with Latin America: Korea and the Pacific Alliance Countries"). In 2017, the «Seminario Regional sobre Análisis de las Relaciones Económicas, Comerciales y de Cooperación de América Latina y el Caribe con la República de Corea» ("Regional Seminar on Analysis of Economic, Trade and Cooperation Relations of Latin America and the Caribbean with the Republic of Korea") and in 2019, the «Foro Internacional sobre Comercio e Inversión Perú - Corea» ("International Forum on Trade and Investment Peru - Korea"). After a year in which the health crisis focused the Center's efforts mainly on research, new projects are beginning to take shape.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Peru, His Excellency JO Yungjoon, met with doctors Felipe Portocarrero, President of Universidad del Pacífico; Arlette Beltrán, Vice President for Research; Rosario Santa Gadea, Director of the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies and Christian Libaque, Professor of the School of Engineering. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate opportunities for synergy between both institutions in favor of the production and exchange of knowledge, as well as to inform the Ambassador about UP's activities with respect to the Republic of Korea.
The Ambassador highlighted the amount of joint work that has been carried out between UP professors and their Korean counterparts and expressed the wish that, during his term of office, the link between the university and South Korea will be strengthened. "Although the pandemic limits the room for maneuver, there are areas where cooperative programs can be put in place in a substantial way," he explained. He showed interest in research regarding trade, investment and engineering for mutual benefit. The Korean diaspora can also help strengthen relations between Peru and the Republic of Korea.

Joint opportunities
The ambassador emphasized his interest in transferring to our country the technological knowledge that today marks the Korean route towards the fourth industrial revolution. "Our government has selected three crucial elements for digital transformation, calling them ADN: Artificial Intelligence, Data and Networks," he detailed and expressed his interest in working with the School of Engineering on issues of innovation and technology transfer to carry out exchanges and joint projects. It would also be important to hold another international symposium on Korea's relations with Peru with the UP Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies. 

Rosario Santa Gadea expressed UP's interest in involving the Embassy as an ally in the four main areas of work promoted by the Center for China and Asia-Pacific Studies: research, academic exchanges, organization of conferences and workshops, and training. She added the possibility of jointly launching a powerful activity related to Korea next year, within the framework of Universidad del Pacífico’s 60th anniversary. 

The Director of the Center also emphasized the role of the university as founder and current coordinator of the Peruvian Network of Asia-Pacific Studies that integrates important academic institutions in the country that carry out and/or are interested in carrying out activities with Asia-Pacific.   She considered this channel as a facilitator to increase the impact of future activities that can be jointly planned.

In recent years, the university has been integrating the Korean experience into the undergraduate classroom. Christian Libaque, a professor who completed his doctoral studies in Korea, told the ambassador about initiatives such as the faculty led programs of the School of Engineering. These short courses included study trips to the Asian country with visits to universities and innovation centers. 

The professor mentioned the interest of the School of Engineering in potential faculty exchanges in order to share experiences. He also invited the embassy to explore the possibility of creating a technology park in Lima.


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