UNIVERSIDAD DEL PACIFICO on August 22-23 of 2018
Lima, Peru
THE 2018 LATIN AMERICAN WORKSHOP IN ECONOMETRICS of the Econometric Society will be held in Lima, Peru, on August 22-23 of 2018 at Universidad del Pacifico. The topic of the workshop will be combining behavioral approaches with structural models. Keynote speakers will be Aureo De Paula and Gautam Gowrisankaran. There will be no parallel sessions, and 10 speakers of contributed papers will have 55 minutes for their presentations (including discussion).
Program Committee Chair: Pablo Lavado (Universidad del Pacifico)
Keynote speakers
JEFFREY M. WOOLDRIDGE Michigan State University
Ph.D., Economics, University of California, San Diego.
B.A., Computer Science, B.A., Economics, University of California, Berkeley.
Aurelio de Paula
AUREO DE PAULA University College London, Sao Paulo School of Economics, CeMMAP, Institute for Fiscal Studies.
Ph.D., Economics, Princeton University.
M.A., Economics, Princeton University.
Gautam Gowrisankaran
Gautam Gowrisankaran Arizona Public Service Professor of Economics, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona.
Ph.D., Economics, Yale University.
M.Phil., Economics, Yale University.
Scientific committee
Pablo Lavado
Universidad del Pacifico
Ana Cecilia Dammert
Carleton University
Veronica Frisancho
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID)
Alberto Chong
Georgia State University
Juan Francisco Castro
Universidad del Pacífico
Manuel Barrón
Universidad del Pacífico
Diego Winkelried
Universidad del Pacífico
Janice Seinfeld
Videnza Consultores
Arlette Beltran
Universidad del Pacífico
Carlos Casas
Universidad del Pacífico
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Universidad del Pacífico Av. Salaverry 2020, Jesús María 15072 Lima - Perú
POPULATION Peru has a population of over 30 million, of whom almost 9 million live in the capital Lima. LANGUAGES The official language is Spanish. Nonetheless in the Andean and Amazonian areas Quechua, Aymara and other native languages are also spoken. POLITICAL SYSTEM Peru is a democratic republic. CURRENCY The currency in Peru is the Peruvian Sol (PEN); 1 USD = 3.22 PEN (January 2018). We suggest that you only change money at the airport, hotels, banks and exchange agencies. CREDIT CARDS All credit cards are used and accepted for withdrawing money and commercial transactions. Check with your bank if charges and commissions fees may apply. BANKING HOURS 09:00 / 18:00 Monday to Friday
09:00 / 12:00 Saturdays
ATM tellers are available 24/7 at several locations in Lima.
LOCAL WEATHER The temperature in Lima in August is in ranges from 14ºC to 19ºC (57ºF to 66ºF) Humidity: 95% LOCAL TIME GMT – 5 ELECTRICITY The electricity supply in Peru is 220 Volts AC, 60 Hz. Most outlets are two-pin (European standard) but also accept the US type (with two flat parallel blades). Major hotels have 110 volt outlets for electric razors. DRINKING WATER It is highly recommended to on drink bottled water. CABS SERVICES Always take the taxis from the hotels. Taxis do not have a meter. You must ask for the price of the ride before boarding the vehicle.

Available at the airport:
CMV Servicio Ejecutivo S.A.
Phone: (51-1) 219-0266 / (51-1) 219-0277

Mitsoo S.A.
Phone: (51-1) 261-7788
SHOPPING Shopping hours are open everyday, Sunday to Saturday from 11:00 to 22:00 hours. Shops and markets in Lima offer a selection of most of Peru’s fine handicrafts, such as hand textiles, alpaca and llama rugs, sweaters and shawls, pottery, straw and basketwork and elegant woodwork. The quality of the gold and silver jewelry is excellent. HOTELS During your check-in procedure at your hotel, please do not forget to present your passport and your Andean Migration Card (which is a white card that you will receive at your arrival to Peru). The presentation of these 2 documents is very important in order to exonerate you of the 18% sales tax charged by all hotels.
In case you do not present these documents, the hotels will charge the additional amount (18%) directly in your invoice at check-out time.

Hosting Information
Hotel: COSTA DEL SOL Contact: Giovanna Alegría
Position: Corporate Sales Manager
Phone: (511) 200-9200 / 9935-99080
E-mail: galegria@costadelsolperu.com
Hotel: ATTON Contact: Mylene D'angelo
Position: Corporate Sales Executive
Phone: (511) 208-1222
E-mail: mdangelo@atton.pe
Hotel: MELIÁ Contact: Valeria Noriega
Position: Account Sales Manager
Phone: (511) 411-9000 / 9812-00166
E-mail: valeria.noriega@melia.com
Hotel: LIBERTADOR Contact: Elsa Aguirre
Position: Corporate Sales Executive
Phone: (511) 712-7000 ex: 5644
E-mail: eaguirre@libertador.com.pe
Hotel: LOS DELFINES Contact: Pamela Espinoza
Position: Sales Executive
Phone: (511) 215-7000/ 9951-10003
E-mail: pespinoza@losdelfines.com.pe
Hotel: CASA ANDINA Contact: Karla Ruiz Ramos
Position: Sales Executive
Phone: (511) 391-6500
E-mail: kruiz@casa-andina.com
GASTRONOMY Peruvian cuisine is delicious and diverse with jungle fruits, succulent fish and seafood, hot peppery sauces.
There are traditional restaurants specializing in the famous “cebiche” -fresh fish marinated in lime juice-, or “anticuchos”, shish-kebabs of spicy marinated meat cooked over charcoal, or Chifa restaurants which provide Peru’s exotic alternative to Chinese cuisine. Peruvian beer is excellent and the wine very good, but the national drink, of course, is the “Pisco Sour”, made from grape brandy with lime juice and our secret formula.
Also try the delicious, non-alcoholic “Chicha Morada” made from local purple corn.

Our recommendation:
La Mar Sea food
Address: Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores, Lima.
Phone: (511) 421–3365
Pescados Capitales Sea Food
Address: Av. La Mar 1337 Miraflores, Lima
Phone: (511) 421-8808
Astrid y Gastón Peruvian
Address: Av. Paz Soldán 290 San Isidro, Lima
Phone: (511) 442-2777 / (511) 442-2775
Maido Nikkei
Address: Calle San Martín 399 Miraflores, Lima
Phone: (511) 447 -9333
Brujas de Cachiche Peruvian
Address: Calle Bolognesi 472 Miraflores, Lima
Phone: (511) 447 -1133
José Antonio Peruvian
Address: Jr. Bernardo Monteagudo 200, San Isidro, Lima.
Phone: (511) 264 -0188
Madam Tusan Chinese food
Address: Av. Santa Cruz 859 Miraflores, Lima
Phone: (511) 505-5090
àmaZ Amazon food
Address: Av. La Paz 1079 Miraflores, Lima
Phone: (511) 221-9393 / (511) 221-9880

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