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Cost of living in Lima

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The International Relations Office at the Universidad del Pacífico considers these the minimum amounts that the students must consider for a monthly budget:
Accommodation.- A single room in a family home has an approximate monthly cost of US$ 600.00, (includes 3 meals)
Food.- We consider S/ 20.00 or around US$7.22 per day, making a total of S/ 600.00 or US$182. a month. As a reference we can mention a full meal at the university cafeterias costs between US$ 3.00 and US$ 4.07.
Local Transport.- A bus ticket or combi (urban transport run by vans), costs about S/ 1.20. A taxi between Miraflores and the Universidad del Pacífico costs an average of S/.8.00 or US$2.42. We have considered S/.14.00
a day, making a total of S/. 420.00 or US$ 130.00 a month.
Study materials.- Photocopies, for example, are unexpensive. Besides that, many of the mandatory readings in classes will be provided by the professor. We have considered S/. 100.00 or US$ 30.00 taking into account the cost of printing a report or paper, etc.
Entertainment.- The average cost of a movie ticket is S/.17.00 or US$ 5.14 and a theater how costs S/.25.00 or US$7.58, but there are reduced tickets for students and special days or specific cinema theaters with lower prices. We have considered S/.200.00 or US$ 60.60 a month for this purpose.
Extras.- We additionally consider S/.100.00 or US$ 30.30 a month for any extra expenses a student may incur in.
These make a total of US$ 1033.00
The total cost for a five month stay would be US$ 5, 164.5
Exchange rate used is : US$1.00 = S/. 3.30
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