• Sibylle Gilbert de Cauwer

    Sibylle Gilbert de Cauwer

    “From the people I met, I learned that you can be happy with very few things. My best experiences were my trips in general and especially the two days an Amantani island on the Titicaca lake where I met Fernanda .She told me a lot about her life and about the traditions on the island and she was very nice to us.
    I also liked the gastronomic culture because I had the opportunity to taste new food, especially delicious fruits. I think I learned a lot about Peru, mainly thanks to the trips I did before and during the semester, but also thanks to my culture class “Seminario de cultura, ecología y desarrollo económico”. Peru’s culture is very diversified depending on the region. It has a huge biodiversity and a lot of indigenous populations still practicing their traditions. 
    Thank you very much for this semester, it was incredible and learned very well the culture and the Spanish language thanks to the Universidad del Pacífico and to all your equipment.
    I hope that I can return to Peru one day because I'm going to miss a lot”
  • Opheli Cherel

    Opheli Cherel

    I am so happy with this exchange, I met incredible people and discovered so much. If I had the chance to do it again, I would do it in the same way. 3 days of school at UP per week and then the all weekend to discover Peru. There is so much to do, way more than we think! My best experience was traveling with my international friends in all Peru and my worse… Actually I don’t really have a very bad experience. It is just that the security problem is sometimes annoying. The most important lesson I learned is that you must always be open-minded and curious, and experience each thing to its maximum. You will definitely love Peru!