The dynamics of leadership in Peru: Social energy and development (La dinámica del liderazgo en el Perú. Energía social y desarrollo)

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One of the discussions in the Social Sciences refers to how to explain the evolution and transformation of societies and organizations. What is the cause of transformation? One of the arguments has to do with the role of certain individuals who are called "leaders". This perspective places, in a few people, the capacity or strength to mobilize a society and produce its modifications. The story is usually told from characters or heroes whose actions triggered the new emerging dynamics. But is it so? What causes social transformation? The existence of leaders? What resistance forces emerge to prevent, frustrate or slow transformation? The lack of leaders? What to understand by 'leader'? What is the difference between 'leader' and 'leadership'? What role does system dynamics play in transformation? What is the leadership factor?​
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    Baltazar Caravedo

    ​PhD in Sociology from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Pioneer of social responsibility in Peru and promoter of socially responsible leadership. Member of Universidad del Pacífico Center for Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility (Clers). President of System B Peru, promoter of purpose driven businesses, Member of the Advisory Board of Academia B and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SASE Instituto. He has been representative of the Avina Swiss Foundation in Peru, director of the Inter-American Foundation Local Support System, Council at Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, director of the Water Supply and Sewerage Service of Lima (Sedapal), director of several private companies and scientific collaborator at the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation (CEDLA) in Amsterdarm, the Netherlands. He has published several books on different aspects of the Peruvian economic history and on various topics related to the Peruvian decentralization process, as well as studies on corporate social responsibility and transformational leadership.​​

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