What guarantees the failure or success of an SME in the international market?
October 19 , 2016

​Two students from Universidad del Pacífico took part in the space for reflection to promote and discuss research from different countries around the commercial and academic exchange between APEC member countries.​

​On October 13 and 14 Universidad del Pacífico (UP) organized the II International Symposium on relations between Latin America and Asia-Pacific, a space for reflection to promote and debate research by scholars from different countries around the commercial and academic exchange between member countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), also including studies from non-participating countries in the Forum. 

Researchers from various higher education institutions in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru were in charge of 31 presentations. Among them stood out the presentation of the research progress of two students from the ninth term of the International Business program at Universidad del Pacífico, Jean Pierre Bolaños Hurtado and María Alejandra Padilla Blas. Universidad Alberto Hurtado from Chile and Universidad Iberoamericana from Mexico were also represented. 

"The presentation of these students demonstrates the interest of the university to foster public policy formulation and provide guidance to companies from various academic levels in order to strengthen scientific research in our country," said Oscar Malca, Vice Dean of the International Business program at Universidad del Pacífico.

Oscar Malca, Vice Dean of the International Business program inaugurated the Symposium

The study entitled “El efecto de los recursos y capacidades sobre el desempeño exportador en Pymes peruanas en el sector confecciones” ("The effect of resources and capabilities on export performance in Peruvian SMEs of the apparel sector") highlights the need to reflect upon the resources and business skills​ that determine the success or failure of an organization in the market, in a context in which the interconnection between the business world and academia is still incipient.
"Our research suggests that, at international level, the experience a company gets by going to the markets, receiving orders from abroad or negotiating with international suppliers, affects its export performance. Unfortunately, in our country this experience is based on operational knowledge rather than on the strategic side, which is a crucial resource for international success," said Bolaños Hurtado.

Jean Pierre Bolaños, student from the International Business program

Meanwhile, Padilla Blas pointed out that "the aim of the study was to measure the impact of the international experience on SME apparel exporters specifically, because they represent the bulk of the Peruvian export companies. 73% of them are exporters, but most of them cannot maintain this long-term practice, so we hope that our research will help to improve this situation and promote the emergence of new analysis around the issue". 

The Vice Dean of the International Business program highlighted that this year's symposium sought to consolidate knowledge exchange in Latin America. For next year's event, the expectation is to meet with the Asian shore and thus have the complete picture on the analysis of the commercial, economic, political and social affairs of the Asia-Pacific region, whose main forum will be held in our country on November 19 and 20 this year.

Óscar Malca

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