Valeria Meléndez, the Pacífico student that will be CEO of Adecco Peru
June 21 , 2017
Valeria Meléndez Ramal, who attends the ninth term of the Management program at Universidad del Pacífico, won the ADECCO Peru CEO for one month contest.
Universidad del Pacífico students continue to grab headlines because they stand out as responsible leaders in their professional activity. The latest example is Valeria Meléndez Ramal, student of the Management program at Universidad del Pacífico who became the winner of the Adecco Peru CEO for one month program, thanks to which she will lead this company together with its director general Carlos San Román. 

Meléndez, who competed against 2400 Peruvian professionals, says that what motivated her to participate in the contest was her fondness for human resources: "I'd just returned from a student exchange trip when I came across this opportunity while searching the Internet.” "I saw the video and fell in love with the program, so I decided to apply" Valeria says. 

About the process 

A rigorous process that involved demonstrating not only the acquired knowledge, but also her training as leader and the motivation for the longed-for position of CEO for one month, says Valeria. After submitting a creative video in which she had to explain why she wanted to apply and a PowerPoint presentation in which she talked about herself, she had an hour long interview with the Human Resources recruiter as well as a personality test and an English exam. At the end, only five people remained: two men and three women. Valeria gives us details about this final. 

"We were only five people and I was the youngest. We all had different backgrounds. One was studying communications, another hospitality management and I was studying management. I feel that each one could bring a completely different approach. It was a pretty good group. What I liked most is that we were all good people in general and I think that is one of the most important things", explained Valeria. 

That same day, after a four-and-a-half-hour final, Valeria received the news on the phone: "When I answered the call and heard a muffled voice on the other side of the phone, I thought it brought bad news. Then, when the woman told me they accepted me, her tone of voice changed completely. I asked her if she was serious and she said yes. I just thanked her" Valeria remembers full of emotion.

An experience that almost no one can have 

Now at only 22 and still attending the ninth term of the Management program, Valeria faces one of the biggest challenges of her professional career: leading a multinational company like Adecco Peru. 

"I believe this has been possible thanks to the level of demand that Pacifico has." I was able to verify this when I took part in a student exchange program and had no difficulty adapting and now during this process. I feel that my ability to organize and set priorities was developed from the first day I entered the University and it has helped me in my career," she says. 

For Valeria, one of the key courses that helped her to successfully overcome one of the dynamics of the final was the People Management course: "I took this course with Professor Fuchs and it helped me a lot to identify the people in the team that were suitable for certain activities, and to delegate tasks. So much so that one of the boys pointed out that he had liked my way of handling the group, she says. 

Finally, Valeria assures that, like her, Universidad del Pacífico students stand out thanks to their proactivity. "When they give us a job we always try to do it in the best possible way: creatively and with greater impact." I can tell you several anecdotes of friends of mine who, during their internship, managed to change their job functions in order to suit their skills, making their job position more efficient. That's what makes us stand out wherever we go", she says. 

On June 12, Valeria will assume her duties as CEO for one month with the director general of ADECCO Peru. Like her, 47 other young people will start their month as CEO's in other countries of the world. They are also competing to be global CEO for one month. But Valeria takes it easy: with determination, but calmly. She wants to learn as much as possible this month. Being as she says "the shadow" of the CEO of Adecco: "I think that working with a CEO of a multinational company at 22 is an experience that almost no one can have." And she's right.



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