UP Researchers participate in the LASA2016 International Conference
May 27 , 2016

This conference is considered one of the most important discussion spaces about Latin America in the world. The Research Vice-President, Cynthia Sanborn, and researchers Martín Monsalve, Francisco Galarza, Carlos Zelada and Miguel Huarcaya will be part of the panels and presentations, where they will talk about their research and the lines of work of the CIUP.

Today the researches from Universidad del Pacífico Research Center (CIUP) start their participation in the XXXIV International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA)​ in New York City. LASA is the largest professional association in the world gathering experts on Latin America from all disciplines and diverse occupational endeavors. 

This congress is especially relevant because it celebrates the 50th anniversary of LASA. Thus, the event is called "LASA2016 / LASA del cincuentenario". Today in the afternoon, Dr. Martín Monsalve, President of Universidad del Pacífico Publishing Fund, will participate in a discussion panel about scientific journals, where he will present Apuntes, a magazine from our institution (click here to see the edition published today)

Tommorrow, Saturday at noon, Cynthia Sanborn, Research Vice-President of Universidad del Pacífico, will be part of the panel “Political Settlements, Natural Resource Extraction and Inclusive Development: Comparing Latin America and Africa”. In the afternoon, Francisco Galarza, CIUP researcher, will present the research “Employment and racial discrimination: Afro-descendants in Lima, Peru” as part of the panel called "Inequality, discrimination and well-being". ​

In the evening, Carlos Zelada, CIUP researcher and Head of the Academic Department of Law at our university, will share the results of his paper called "Is International Law the best route for the recognition of same-sex marriage in Latin America?", a presentation that will be part of the panel called "Courts, Litigation and LGBTI Rights in Latin America and Beyond”.

On Sunday morning, our Research Vice-President, Cynthia Sanborn, will participate in the workshop called "Peru's 2016 Election: New Directions for Peru?” And finally, Miguel Huarcaya, CIUP researcher, will lead the panel called “Dialogism and new indigeneities and mestizajes”, where he will also present his research “Dialogism, Historical consciousness and Indigenous Activism in late 20th century Ecuador”. 

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