Student Carolina Neyra was accepted at The Hague Academy of International Law
January 20 , 2017

The eleventh term student of the Law Program at Universidad del Pacífico will participate in the Public International Law summer course at The Hague Academy of International Law this 2017.​

As every year, The Hague Academy of International Law opens its doors to the most outstanding International Law students and professionals in the world. Carolina Neyra, a Law student at Universidad del Pacífico, has been admitted to participate in the exclusive summer program this year. 

"I applied in November last year because I was very interested in participating in this prestigious program. In the Public International Law classes at the university, Professor Zelada always told us about the Academy and the privilege of being admitted as a student there. In December I received the letter informing me that I had been admitted", explained the student who is currently enrolled in the eleventh term of the Law Program in our university. 

The Hague Academy of International Law is a private academic institution based in the Peace Palace, also home to the International Court of Justice in the Netherlands. The Academy is a research and teaching center in the fields of public and private international law. The Public International Law summer course at the Hague, for which Carolina Neyra has been selected, lasts three weeks from July 9 to 21. The program courses are taught by the most renowned professors of International Law in the world. 

About Carolina

The selection of our student Carolina Neyra is not surprising if her educational achievements are taken into account. Neyra is member of the UP Model United Nations (MUN) team that will participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) in February this year, part of the International Law team that represented UP in the Eduardo Jiménez de Aréchaga competition (EYEBROW) last year in Costa Rica, and has also just been selected to present research with professor Carlos J. Zelada, head of the Academic Department of Law, at the upcoming edition of the International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), to be held in Lima in May 2017. In parallel, Carolina is research assistant at the UP Research Center (CIUP) where she works alongside with Professor Zelada, as well as assistant in the Introduction to Law course. 

Three UP students in the Hague 

Carolina Neyra, is the third Unversidad del Pacífico student to be admitted to the prestigious summer program of the Hague Academy. In 2013, Elvis Ojeda was the first to get this achievement; while student Martin Gallardo was admitted to the 2015 edition. Ojeda is currently pursuing a master's degree at the Diplomatic Academy of Peru, while Gallardo got his degree in Law at Universidad del Pacífico in December last year.



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