FIL LIMA 2017: Find out the UP Press new releases
July 12 , 2017
​​The books "El Perú desde el cine: plano contra plano" and "La idea de universidad reexaminada y otros ensayos" will be presented as part of the official program of the Lima International Book Fair - FIL Lima 2017. UP Press will be on stand N° 148. Universidad del Pacífico Press will be on stand N° 148 at the Lima International Book Fair - FIL Lima 2017, which will take place from July 21 to August 6.​
For this year's edition of the fair, it has prepared five new publications, two of which will be presented as part of the official program. All the books on the stand, which include the most recent in its publications catalog, will be at 20% discount, but there will also be other special discounts (non cumulative) that will be announced on its fan page during the fair days. These are the new releases: ​

​El Perú desde el cine: plano contra plano 

Editors: Liuba Kogan, Guadalupe Pérez Recalde and Julio Villa Palomino 

Confidence, Andean horror characters, informality, marginality, urban fear, gender, Peruvian internal armed conflict and youth identity are presented shot reverse shot in nine essays in which their authors examine - using plain language and with the support of stories and characters from Peruvian films of different genres and varied box office success - the various ways of doing, feeling and thinking that Peruvians face between the daily drama and joy. 


La idea de universidad reexaminada y otros ensayos 

Author: Felipe Portocarrero Suárez 

What disciplines should have a special place in a utopian university curriculum? How can we close the gap between the human sciences, the social sciences and the so-called hard sciences? How have the relations of cooperation and conflict between the university and the societies where their activities take place evolved? To what extent have the independence and autonomy of the university been affected by a State that seeks to establish the legal frameworks for its operation? These, among others, are the questions that this book attempts to answer. 


Perú: Élites del poder y captura política 

Authors: John Crabtree and Francisco Durand [Book published by Red para el Desarrollo de las Ciencias Sociales en el Perú] 

In this book, Crabtree and Durand study how economic elites manage to gain ground in the decisions in key areas of the state via legal influence. Peru serves as a model for demonstrating how the mechanisms of influence that allow economic elites to "capture" the state and maintain hegemony over society work. This capture is more evident in economic policy decisions. 


Best Marketing Practices. EFFIE Peru 2013-2014 Award-winning cases 

Editor: Gina Pipoli 

This publication presents the EFFIE Peru 2013 and 2014 Award-winning cases, which constitute the highest recognition for advertising effectiveness. The jury not only evaluates the piece of advertising or the results of a specific campaign, but also performs a comprehensive analysis in which it establishes the quality and consistency of marketing and communication strategies, while evaluating the objective-oriented creativity. 


Revista Apuntes N° 80 

First semester 2017 
Director: Martín Monsalve 

The Apuntes N° 80 journal presents six research articles on economy, society and history in Peru and Latin America. It highlights the study on Peruvians who do not study or work (NiNi), a diagnosis that identifies, characterizes and classifies this vulnerable population of the country. Apuntes N° 80 is a milestone in the history of Universidad del Pacífico: 44 years of uninterrupted publication since 1973, the year of its creation. Very few academic journals of Social Sciences have lasted this long in Peru. You will find the printed edition on stand N° 148 at FIL Lima 2017. But you can also download the free online version. ​



• The Lima International Book Fair - FIL Lima 2017 will take place from July 21 to August 6 at Parque de los Próceceres-Av. Salaverry cdra. 17, Jesús María. 
• Buy your tickets online at Atrápalo: 
• Check out the official program: ​

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