Faculty from 9 countries participated in UP International Week 2018
September 19 , 2018
Undergraduate and graduate students participated in seminars given by 16 national and international speakers at the Universidad del Pacífico campus.
Universidad del Pacífico International Relations Office organized the second edition of "UP International Week", which took place during the second and third week of August. In the 2018 edition, 16 professors from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the United States, Spain, France, England, South Korea and Peru participated. 

Unlike previous editions, a total of 338 undergraduate and graduate students participated in this year's edition, where they were able to attend intensive one-week seminars on Business Administration, Accounting, Economics and Finance, Engineering, Marketing and International Business. 

Among the benefits of "UP International Week", the students and professors highlighted the fact that it is an enriching experience for both, since there is a natural exchange of knowledge and culture. "All international casuistry is very enriching, so this type of experience is fundamental," said Josep Valls, visiting professor from ESADE Business School in Spain. 

For this reason, and in line with the objectives of the University, the International Relations Office has plans to increase the number of visiting professors to 20 for the next edition of the International Week, in order to provide students with an exchange-like experience within the Campus.

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