Citylab: UP presents smart water management project in Colombia
September 18 , 2018
As a result of the Management of Sustainable Cities course, this proposal will be presented at the “Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas (ABP) para Ciudades Sostenibles" ("Problem Based Learning (PBL) for Sustainable Cities") conference of the Citylab project, which is implemented by Universidad del Pacífico Research Center (CIUP as in the Spanish acronym).
Given the worrying climate change situation, an interdisciplinary group of students from Universidad del Pacífico (UP) developed the “Sistema de información para mejorar la gestión de riego en áreas verdes de San Isidro (Lima-Perú)” ("Information system to improve irrigation management in green areas of San Isidro (Lima-Peru)") project, in the framework of the Management of Sustainable Cities course of the Citylab Project, in which seven professors of the four schools of the University participated: Economics and Finance, Business, Engineering and Law. These professors are also researchers at the Research Center (CIUP). 

The project consists of obtaining data by means of ground sensors installed in the gardens that measure the water requirement of a specific green area, which together with additional information on the type of plantation and weather, allow an adequate use of the water resources, avoiding excessive irrigation. 

This project, presented by students Luis Cano, Hidemi Kiyan, Patricia García, Teresa Chuchón, Alejandra Marisú, was the one that got the highest grade among the six projects presented during the course. Also, the participants worked in close contact with the Municipality of San Isidro, which will implement it in a pilot phase. 

Management of Sustainable Cities 

The Management of Sustainable Cities course was born with two objectives: to develop interdisciplinary work competences and skills for both professors and students, and; to strengthen the links between the university community and the municipal governments, in line with the institutional objectives. 

During this course, the Problem Based Learning (PBL) methodological approach was used and its results will be presented during the last Citylab project conference to be held at Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, from September 19 to 21. 

The Citylab project is funded by the Erasmus + Capacity Building program of the European Union. The general coordinators of Universidad del Rosario, Colombia, and the University of Antwerp, Denmark.

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