CADE 2016: Javier Salinas mentioned three points that should be reinforced for a better entrepreneurial ecosystem
December 01 , 2016

The director of Universidad del Pacífico Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Emprende UP, Javier Salinas, shared his vision of the entrepreneurship panorama towards 2021.

​Peru is a country of entrepreneurs, but they cannot reach their full potential if efforts are not articulated from different sectors. This was announced by Javier Salinas, director of Universidad del Pacífico Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Emprende UP during an interview in Paracas at the CADE 2016.

"What should happen in Peru are several issues... One of them is the strengthening of the regulatory framework, having a modern one that allows (entrepreneurs) to do more things... What we see is that our regulators find it difficult to understand what is happening in the ecosystem (entrepreneurial) And here I am referring to the Fintech".​



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