CADE 2016: Elsa Del Castillo argues that a reform in higher education was necessary
December 02 , 2016
The President of Universidad del Pacífico says that the work MINEDU has been doing is good but that there is still much to improve.
​"A reform in higher education was necessary, for me it is clear that there are universities that do not measure up," said the president of our university, Elsa Del Castillo, who participated as commentator during the presentation of the Minister of Education, Jaime Saavedra, in the CADE 2016 held in Paracas.

Del Castillo mentioned that although the Ministry is doing a good job, much remains to be done in terms of the University Law. "We must reduce bureaucracy in the process of obtaining the degree and focus on the key, which is not having bad quality universities," said the president.



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