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February 07 , 2018

Emprende UP organizes the Xcala Forum, an event that seeks to open a networking space between investors and entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The event will feature the participation of Gunter Pauli, author of "The Blue Economy". ​

A tool to facilitate access to financing for potential ventures, through investment networks in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is the definition of Xcala, a program created by Instituto de Estudios Empresariales de Montevideo (IEEM) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) member of the IDB Group and that will arrive in Peru thanks to Emprende UP.

The "Impact Without Borders" forum will bring together entrepreneurs, network managers, angel investors and actors from the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Latin America and the Caribbean on March 15 and 16. The aim of the event is to generate a dialog about the new challenges for investors, trends in the investment market at regional and international level and the current situation of entrepreneurship in Latin America.

​The work sessions will deepen the knowledge of the attendees about the role of the first investor, the exchange of ideas and the professionalization of the angel activity. It will also allow to build bridges for networking between entrepreneurs and equity partners.

Among the speakers stands out Gunter Pauli, author of "The Blue Economy", who will address the talk "The opportunity to transform investments in a legacy for future generations." Among 18 other guest speakers is Susana Garcia-Robles of the MIF, with the topic "Announcements about new initiatives and alliances" and Luke Krueger of Valhalla Capital with "How to make money while still having impact?" The entrepreneurship meeting will culminate with the presentation of the Concordia Xcala Award to the Latin American Entrepreneur 2018.

To learn more about the Xcala 2018 Forum, click here.  ​​


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