Business Administration students lived the Innovators For The Americas 2018 experience
November 21 , 2018

​​Four Business Administration students participated in Innovators For The Americas 2018 (IFTA), an international learning program focused on global entrepreneurship led by the University of Miami, where they applied and reinforced their career knowledge.

​International experience. Suemi Naruse, Raúl Encalada, Roberto Ku and Reginaldo Aliaga, Business Administration students, participated in the Innovators for the Americas (IFTA) program, where they were able to build multicultural teams with students from other nationalities and develop an innovative and entrepreneurial project that will have an impact on the societies of Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico, participating countries of the program. 

The IFTA is a four-month program organized by the University of Miami's Center for International Business Education and Research (UM CIBER), which through a blended mode allowed participants to take classes at the University of Miami Business School (January) and Tecnológico de Monterrey (April) and receive online advice by professors from the participating universities. Professor Jorge Trujillo was Universidad del Pacífico's (UP) representative. 

Twenty students from the University of Miami (USA), Universidad del Pacífico (Peru), Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), Universidad ICESI (Colombia), and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile) participate in this program. 

In this opportunity, the projects in which UP students participated were: 

  • Allergen-free food distribution system for young people in Mexico, in which Suemi Naruse participated. 
  • Strengthening of education in low-income sectors in Chile, in which Reginaldo Aliaga participated. 
  • Project of sustainable and community tourism in the areas affected by the Colombian guerrillas. The aim was to stimulate work in the communities that were being forgotten and to make attractive and unusual places known. Roberto Ku participated in this project. 
  • Development of a web platform to connect tourists with physical disabilities, travel assistants and inclusive tourism packages for Peru, in which Raúl Encalada participated. 

According to Professor Jorge Trujillo, the program allows you to acquire a life experience as a student, as a person and as a future professional by facilitating coexistence with participants from other cultures. "It is a very strong life experience for them because they realize that we are more than a country, we are a quite integrated region," he said. 

On the other hand, he highlighted the experience that UP students get when they meet other students who are born entrepreneurs aged 20-22, full of new ideas. He also pointed out that it is a new learning experience, since they have the opportunity to attend classes for some days on the University of Miami and Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey campuses, which are different from that of UP, in terms of their infrastructure and the diversity of programs they host. 

"On the educational side, they reinforce their knowledge in administration, in its different areas, they have a closer experience with design thinking techniques, as well as the experience of working with multidisciplinary teams that are not located in the same physical place. They work in a virtual way, even the mentor himself is not with them at the same time," said Trujillo. 

 "It is an opportunity to learn to build, hand in hand with experts, an innovative business idea that helps solve a social problem in America," said Roberto Ku about his experience at IFTA. 



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