Sports Workshops


We offer educational experiences covering all areas of sport: traditional collective, individual urban, combat and fitness sports as well as activities that help prevent injuries.

The workshops also allow us to identify those students with outstanding motor and physical abilities and invite them to try for the teams.​

Sport rock climbing and rappelling

This workshop aims to help the student develop important skills for his/her professional performance through psychological-sports training. For this purpose, sport rock climbing and rappelling are used as ways to promote not only physical, but also intellectual and social development. The workshop aims to train the Universidad del Pacifico student in non-traditional, self-taught activities, and at the same time participate in a fun activity.​


This is an essentially practical workshop that develops motor skills and physical abilities benefiting the student's intellectual development through a system of exercises that create habits for life and for health preservation. By the end of the workshop, the student will know the basic technical and tactical principles of futsal, as well as the rules of the game and will have a better physical and coordination ability.​

Jiu jitsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a martial art that aims at personal defense. Its objective is to control and submit the opponent, no matter how tall or strong. The student will be able to achieve this through the use of the knock downs, controls, attacks to the extremities and choking that will be taught. Even though jiu jitsu's philosophy will help the student to prevent any type of confrontation, it will also give him/her the necessary tools to be able to defend him/herself in case of an imminent attack.​

Table Tennis

The course provides the basic theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow the student to perform correctly. Table tennis is an Olympic sport and one of the most complete sports available. It can be played individually or in couples, and it stands out due to the speed of the game and the energy and flexibility required from the player.​


Slackline is a balance sport that uses a rope fixed to two points. The flexibility of this rope allows tricks such as jumps, flips, yoga positions, etc. Among other benefits, slackline corrects body posture, increases the control of the gravity center and improves balance. Through the practice of this discipline, we expect to strengthen each person's concentration, focus and positive attitude.​

Intensive toning

Physical exercise is a necessary activity that is becoming more popular in our society as it allows us to have a more balanced and healthy life. Intensive toning is a training program that helps the student, through a series of exercises, to develop abilities like strength, resistance, flexibility, agility and power. This allows him/her to have a good muscle tone and to reduce a large percentage of body fat. This new physical condition lets him/her have a more active lifestyle because it reinforces their immune system and creates a good predisposition towards study and work.​