Requirements and costs


​​​Students who wish to study at Universidad del Pacífico must comply with the following requirements:

  • ​Be a regular student in their home university.​
  • Be presented by their home university through this link:​​
  • Send, according to the established calendar, the following documents:  Application form, academic record, copy of the first page of their passport, one passport sized photograph in color and international health insurance. In case you don't receive your user and password on time, please send an email to:

Students who belong to universities that have no agreements with Universidad del Pacífico, "Free Movers" or "Study Abroad" can send an email to   stating their interest to study at this University.
For the 2017   academic year, the cost of tuition and administration for visiting students (whose universities do not have an agreement with Universidad del Pacífico) is US$ 100. In addition, the cost of each credit is US$ 200.
The number of credits the students must take is twelve.​​​