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Multiculturalism is the main feature of the Peruvian capital. Lima has an important cultural and entertainment offer, consisting of museums, theaters, cinemas and art galleries. The "City of Kings", as it has been called since the viceregal period, is the seat of Universidad del Pacífico and one of the most important financial centers in the region.​

  • Accommodation


    ​In Lima you can find a variety of accommodation options, whose costs vary depending on the location, service and additional services offered. To access these services, international students can request more information at:

    The closest districts to the university are Jesús María, Lince, Magdalena del Mar, Pueblo Libre, Miraflores and San Isidro. 

    Family houses

    Universidad del Pacífico has a list of families offering accommodation to international students. It includes accommodation, basic services (utilities, TV-cable and Internet) and one or two meals a day. 

    -Mrs. Rosa Ángeles:  

    Location – Jesús María

    -Mrs. Ofelia Reyes: 

    Location – San Isidro

    Student Houses 

    It is one of the favorite options for international students as it allows them to share accommodation with other classmates.  Generally, the houses offer basic services and have room for six or more students, with a monthly cost of US$ 250 to US$ 350 per person.

    Universidad del Pacífico recommends some student houses known for the quality of their services and their strategic location:


    - Casa Yllika: 

    Mrs. Ivonne Benites: 

    Location - Jesús María and Lince

    - Casa Nomadroof:

    Mr. Tom Galindo: 

    Location - Lince, San Isidro, Magdalena del Mar, Miraflores and Barranco

    - Casa Bolicoloc


    Mr. Roberto Pairazaman: 

    Location - San Isidro

    - Casa del Rio:

    Mrs. Medardo Bernaola: 

    Location - Pueblo Libre


    Apartment Rental

    Universidad del Pacífico is located in Jesús María, one of the forty-three districts in the city of Lima. It is important to know that the cost of renting an apartment varies depending on the district where it is located. For example, an apartment for two people in Miraflores, one of the closest districts to the University, is around US$ 350 a month per student.

    Another factor affecting the rent is the number of rooms. Thus, a shared apartment can be between US$ 280 and US$ 350 a month per student.

  • Weather and Clothing

    Peru's geographical location creates a large variety of climates, with seasons opposing the ones in Europe and North America.

    The three regions in the country (the coast, the highlands, and the rainforest) have different climates depending on the season. In Lima, the first three months of the year are the warmest, with temperatures ranging from 18 to 30°C. Winter starts in June and ends in September. Thus, the coldest months are June, July, and August with temperatures from 12 to 18° C. The rest of the year is spring.

    Although temperatures are not that low during the winter, it is very chilly during the night. Woolen clothing is recommended: sweaters, jackets, scarves, and caps. Drizzle is also common during the Lima winter; the refore a light rainproof jacket is required. The rest of the seasons are warm and sunny.​

  • Cost of living

    Monthly accommodation fees range between US$ 350 and US$ 450. Food costs an average of US$ 7 a day (about US$ 210 a month) and transportation, depending on the means of transportation, can go from US$ 0.40 to US$ 5.60 a day.

    Study materials are not expensive. To cover photocopies, reading material and assignments, you will need about US$ 40. You will spend about US$ 70 a month on extra services. In total, the cost of living in Lima is approximately US$ 788 a month (equivalent to US$ 3940 for five months).​

  • Safety recommendations

    Universidad del Pacífico recommends the following to help you prevent uncomfortable situations:

    When using public transportation or visiting crowded places, keep your personal objects in safe places.

    Taxis in Lima do not use taximeters, so before you board, you need to ask for the fee.   In this case, we suggest you make sure you have the exact change.

    Regarding personal documents, it is recommended to keep the originals at your lodging and carry photocopies.

    When traveling outside Lima, it is recommended to contact well-known travel agencies. Ask the International Relations Office or Peruvian students for references. If you are traveling alone, avoid beaches and lonely routes.

    Do not carry large amounts of money, debit cards or credit cards with you. Many places accept credit cards.​

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