Summer Programs


The summer programs are short (between one and four weeks) and are offered to students from all over the world who wish to expand their perspective on specific business and economic topics. They are supplemented with visits to companies and tourist destinations in the host country.


The summer programs are developed between July and August. In some cases they are offered to graduates. Universidad del Pacífico is affiliated to nine international summer programs​

  • International Summer Program 2016 – Maastricht University (The Netherlands)

    Exclusive courses for licentiate and master's degrees students from all over the world in July and August.


    Be students of the School of Economics and Business Sciences or graduates from 2015. Be fluent in English.

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  • International Summer Program 2016 – WU Wien University (Austria)

    Three-week program. The topics developed are Resources Management, International Management and International Marketing. Includes visits to local companies.


    Undergraduate students of the School of Business Sciences and Economics (with at least two years of studies) and recent graduates. Proficiency in the English language.

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  • International Summer Program 2016 – EDHEC Business School

    Four-week Globalising Europe Program. The participants attend one or two modules (Lille or Nice campus) and explore essential topics of the European business scenario. They also visit leading companies in the south and north of France.


    Postgraduate and undergraduate students (from the sixth semester on) selected in Social Sciences with a Business basis. Proficiency in the English language.

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