Academic Departments


University of the Pacific concentrates specifically on developing students’ skills and strengthening their values. We also focus on providing opportunities for research, links with the business community, contact with the country’s reality and social responsibility.   To accomplish this, the university currently has seven academic departments.  



Department of Administration
The Academic Department of Administration is a functional unit of academic work that provides courses and seminars in its specialties to meet the needs of the university’s faculties and schools. 
Head of the Academic Department of Administration: Enrique Saravia Vergara.
Module Coordinators:
Marketing module: David Mayorga Gutierrez
Management module: Rosa María Fuchs Angeles
International Business Module: Oscar Malca Guaylupo
Secretary: Patricia Sabroso
Assistant to the Head of Department: María Alejandra Concha Valcárcel
Course descriptions from the Academic Department of Administration


Obligatory Courses
Strategic Administration
Quantitative Analysis for Business

Human Behavior in Organizations

Supply Chain Management
Human Resource Management
International Trade Management
Strategic Management of Social Responsibility
International Business Management
Introduction to Business
Market Research
Strategic Marketing
Business Project
Business and Management in Asia
Managing Family Businesses
Quality Management
Business Culture Management
Innovation Management
Human Resource Management (Course specially designed for the Faculty of Business Engineering)
Public Management
Management and Development of Exportable Products
Strategic Innovation and Corporate Governance
Businesses with a Pyramid Structure
Organizing Tourism Businesses
International Relations
Simulation of Decision Making in Marketing
The Making of Blue Ocean Strategy
Sustainable Tourism and Business Opportunities
Courses for specific majors
Major in operations
Administration of Service Operations
Decision analysis
Major in Marketing
Distribution Channel Development and Price Policies
Product Development
Promotion Program Development
Major in International Business
International Physical Distribution
Internationalization Strategies
Major in Human Resources Management
Forming and Developing Talent
Major in International Business
Import Management
Export Market Management
Major in Human Capital Management
Multinational Resource Management
Competency Management
Major in Marketing
Applied Marketing
Service Marketing
Major in International Business
International Trade Negotiations
Major in Operations
Project Management for Operations and Logistics
Major in Human Capital Management
Labor Relations
Retaining and Compensating Talent
Selecting and Evaluating Personnel
Major in Operations
Systems for Quality Management and Certification
Department of Accounting
The Academic Department of Accounting is the unit responsible for developing courses and seminars in its field to meet the needs of the university’s faculties and schools.
Description of courses offered by the Academic Department of Accounting
Obligatory Courses
Administrative Accounting
Cost Accounting
Financial Accounting I
Financial Accounting II
Financial Accounting III
Financial Evaluation of Companies
Corporate Finance
Strategic Cost Management
Accounting Project
Financial Systems
Accounting Treatment for Taxes
Budget, Costs and Income
Seminar on Draf Securities analysis and financial modeling***
Seminar on Project Evaluation and Financing
Preparation Seminar for Level 1 of CFA
Accounting-Financial Information System **
Courses for the major
Tax major
Legal Aspects
Tax Code
Customs Tax Law
Finance Major
International Finance
Public Finance
Project Management
Tax major
Consumption Tax
Income Tax
Finance Major
Derivative Instruments
Capital Markets
Seminar on Investment Portfolio Management
Seminar on Risk Management for Banking
Seminar on Applied Finances
Seminar on Treasury Management in Banking
Tax Major
Seminar on Tax Planning and Fiscal Controls *
Finance Major
Seminar on Private Equity
Seminar on Credit Risk
Tax Major
Municipal Taxes and Social Contributions
Course only available for the Faculty of Economics
Portfolio theory
Department of Social and Political Sciences
The main objective of the Department of Academic and Political Sciences is to contribute to the integral formation of students and faculty at University of the Pacific, helping prepare professionals with a heightened sense of social responsibility who are capable of understanding and transforming the reality of the country and its surroundings. 
This goal is fulfilled by hiring highly qualified professionals who are committed to the university’s values and objectives and offering courses and seminars in the fields of Anthropology, Political Science,   Public Policy, International Relations, Psychology, Sociology and Social Services. The department also organizes conferences and debates on topics of national and international interest, promotes research and consultancy relevant to the country and sponsors extension as well as social service activities. To accomplish this, we work with different faculties and academic departments to offer a plan for integrated studies and a wide gamut of activities of mutual interest.
Description of the Courses offered by the Academic Department of Social and Political Sciences

Obligatory courses

Political Science
Contemporary Social Thought
Social Service
Cinema and Society
Political Communication
State and Governability
History of Political Ideas
Emotional and Social Intelligence in Organizations
Social Marketing
Methodology and Research
Social and Cultural Problems in Contemporary Peru
Society and Politics in Latin America
Department of Economics
The Department of Economics is the academic unit responsible for training university students in economic analysis.  Its mission, short/medium term objectives and innovation in the area teaching seek to maintain the quality of the courses offered by different faculties at the university. This academic offering covers different areas of economics, which helps ensure that students receive an integral formation. The department constantly organizes seminars and discussions on specific topics of national and global interest, which include the participation of prestigious professionals. The Department’s teaching staff is comprised on twenty-four full-time professors, fifty part-time professors and six visiting, emeritus or honorary professors. The academic quality and experience of this group of teaching professionals is reflected in the quality of the students who attend University of the Pacific, which allows the Department to fulfill its commitment to train professionals committed to developing the country in the future.  
Descriptions of the Courses Offered by the Academic Department of Economics

Obligatory Courses

Economic Analysis for Business
Econometrics I
Econometrics II
General Economics I
General Economics II
Applied Statistics I
Applied Statistics II
Private Evaluation of Projects
Natural Resource Management
History of Economic Thought
Informatics for Economists
Informatics for Business
Economic Research I
Economic Research II
Macroeconomics I
Macroeconomics II
Macroeconomics III
Mathematics I
Mathematics II
Mathematics III
Mathematics IV
Microeconomics I
Microeconomics II
Informatics Tutorial
Mathematics Tutorial
Economic Policy
International Trade Theory


Economics for Banking
Economics of Human Capital and Employment
Contemporary World Economics
Economic Structure of the Public Sector
Seminar on Peru’s Recent Trade Agreements
Seminar on Strategic Decisions in Complex Scenarios
Seminar of Debt Instruments
Seminar of International Transportation and Trade
Seminar of the Peruvian Economic System
Financial Evaluation Techniques
Courses in the major
Risk Analysis and Management
Social Design and Evaluation for Projects
Public Economics
Market Organization
Theory of Economic Development

Department of Humanities
The Academic Department of the Humanities is a functional unit of University of the Pacific that brings together professors in the areas of History, Language, Literature, Philosophy, Professional Morality, Culture, Art and other academic disciplines that focus on man and his cultural creations. In addition to meeting different faculties’ needs, the Humanities Department promotes conferences, seminars and courses either alone or in coordination with other units at University of the Pacific and cultural entities in Peru and abroad.  It also promotes ties between its professors and seeks to establish relations with institutions that share its goals and interests. Currently, Prof. Martina Vinatea Recoba is Head of the Academic Department of the Humanities.

Descriptions of the Courses Offered by the Academic Department of the Humanities

Obligatory Courses

Language I
Language II
Professional Morality
Language Tutorial
Historical and Economic Processes in Peru and the Contemporary World


A History of the Andean People to 1700
Contemporary Peruvian Art
Cinema and Literature: Latin American Writers and Cinema
Contemporary Culture
Culture and Art (Artistic Appreciation)
Culture and Art (Golden Age of Spain)
Culture and Economics in the History of Latin America:
Company Development, Business and Finance in Contemporary Latin American and Peru
History of Latin American Cities
History of Art (XVth to XIXth Century)
Economic and Political History in the Contemporary World
Language III
 20th Century Peruvian Literature
Universal Literature
Culture, Ecology and Economic Development Seminar
El Quijote Seminar: reading from a 21st century perspective
Presentation "Epístola de Amarilis a Belardo", written by Martina Vinatea

Departament of Law
Department of Business Engineering