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Expert Meeting Launches China Working Group in Peru
Fecha: 17/03/2014

In March, a group of international researchers got together for the inaugural meeting of the Working Group on Chinese Investment in Latin America

At the meeting, experts from eight countries presented their research on the wide-ranging social and environmental impacts of the recent surge in Chinese investment. Other participants were Cynthia Sanborn and Victoria Chonn (Peru), Adam Chimienti (Ecuador), Adam Rua (Bolivia), Philip Fearnside (Brazil), Andres Lopez (Argentina), Nicola Borregaard (Chile), Hu Tao (China), as well as Kevin Gallagher and Rebecca Ray (Boston University) and Denise Leung (World Resources Institute). The group presented some of their findings at a public event, “Rompiendo Mitos: China en América Latina,”  at the Universidad del Pacífico. A policy report will be released in the fall, with case studies published on the web and in a book volume.

This joint GDAE-Boston University project published the “China-Latin America Economic Bulletin” in English and Spanish, with updated investment figures. BU’s Kevin Gallagher wrote “The Limits of China’s Globalization Strategy,” and the research continues to get media attention in the region (see "El Nuevo banco de America" from Ecuador’s El Universo).